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What could Gartner's 2021 trends mean for your business?

Gartner in its latest report has categorized priorities for organizations across three broad areas i.e. People Centricity, Location Independence and Resilient Delivery.

Which can be further understood as below, but what does it mean for your business?

Here is a quick guide to help you prioritize areas specific to your business function and industry:

1) Services & Product Based Industry:

If you are from this industry, here are some key areas which will be turnkey aside from the one's shared by Gartner in the above picture in 2021.

a) Cyber Security, Risk, Governance and Compliance.

b) As more and more businesses continue to explore SAAS Avenues - Data Volume and Data Quality Management will be crucial areas to address.

c) As global workforce continues to remain scattered - Compliance from Software License, Data Privacy and Regulations will remain crucial.

d) Digital Supply Chain for Product / Manufacturing Company's will enable faster turn around times to gain competitive advantage.

e) AR, AI based solutions empowering worker safety and Solutions focused around Enterprise Asset Management will be crucial to ensure worker safety and manage remote plants to curb the cost of plant/ machine maintenance.

d) Services and Product based companies who invested in Digital Experience Platforms in 2020 will continue to reap the benefits of providing personalized experiences in 2021.

2) Retail Industry:

Retail can be categorized as a physical goods store, a physical store selling groceries to restaurants. Here are some areas, which will continue to remain crucial in 2021:

a) Digital shopping: Digital platforms promoting In Store to Door operations will be a need of the hour to help organizations acquire new customers and reduce churn.

b) Personalization: A Steak is a Steak, in earlier days physical ambience, in person service, presentation made one restaurant differ from other. Digital tools promoting Retailers deliver personalized experience on To Go and Home Delivery orders will make a difference. Such as a AR based tool enabling an organization to build a replica of a customer to provide an emotional touch will be turnkey.

3) Airliners:

With most countries lifting travel restrictions and some countries curbing travel, Airliners will continue to see a mix of demand. Areas of interest in 2021 will be:

a) Enterprise Asset Management: Avoiding uncalled maintenance and upkeep expenses.

b) Personalization on Digital Platforms: Customers will continue to enjoy the perks of flying with flexbilities.

c) Digital Applications: Internal Business Functions will strive for cloud privatization as global workforce continues to be scattered.

4) Oil n Gas:

With the hopes of global vaccine programs, Oil n Gas industry will thrive back in full swing to recover what they had to loose after March 2020.

Here are areas of interest in 2021 for the Oil n Gas Industry:

a) SAAS Future.

b) Enterprise Asset Management

c) Digital Supply Chain

d) Hyper Automation

e) Cyber Security


About Author: Rahul is a veteran in the Digital Transformation space with 15 years of experience helping organizations digitize their business processes and solving complex technology challenges.

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