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Should you choose a partner OR hire more staff?

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Securing and retaining top-tier marketing and sales talent remains a perpetual challenge for organisations.


The demand for individuals proficient in both marketing technologies certification and a specialised skill set in technology sales adds a layer of complexity to this task, often accompanied by a premium price tag.


When factoring in the essential components of time to hire and subsequent training, the cumulative impact on both financial resources and opportunity costs becomes evident.


The pivotal question then arises: What constitutes the optimal solution in this intricate landscape?

The Cost of Staff vs. External Talent By The Numbers

When businesses consider hiring a new employee, they focus on the perceived cost, such as salary and benefits.

However, these numbers only tell part of the story. An in-house employee requires additional costs, such as workspace, equipment, training, and insurance.


By working with ConeKtions, you avoid these additional costs and receive guidance from highly experienced consultants.


Our services start at the same rate as many outside consulting firms, but we provide personalized attention and insight unavailable from larger consulting firms.

A table carrying the cost comparison
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