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Tips for managing customer experience management during COVID19 times

You, like me are probably working and reading this blog from your home office. In fact, as of March 15, 20% of American population is maintaining social distancing and not leaving their residence except for searching toiler papers OR to make a visit at Costco/ Walmart.


These are difficult times and from a purely business perspective, their is already a huge shift that’s been, customer expectations and brands’ abilities to meet them.

No matter, if you are in marketing, sales and product development - We all are facing similar challenges. tips for smoothing out the customer journey in this novel context. I wanted to share some tips for smoothing out the customer journey in this novel context.

Revamp Your Subscription Model

User behavior and motivations have drastically changed over the last few weeks. Depending on your business set up and offer, this could be a good opportunity to get a new set of users to see the value of your app.

Apple Book Store, for example, has offered ’Stay at Home Collection’ for free and it makes sense as most of us are now stuck at home and probably much more curios to hop on to the next bestseller. With this strategy they’re potentially able to elevate an entire new subset of users to seeing the true value of their book collection.

Keep your customers informed

The most important part of managing the customer experience during these turbulent times is to be sure you communicate clearly and quickly. Modified hours, updates to delivery policy, a new way to reach customer service…it’s important customers feel connected and like they know what’s going on.

ConeKtions can help you how to easily put in place these kinds of messages. Pop-ins, banners, interstitials and video modals are easy ways to keep you customers informed.

Social Media

Yes the dead horse is back and this is one of the best time to utilize this.

If your business isn’t able to run as usual, engaging on social media is an excellent way to keep your brand top of mind, and to still deliver value to your customers.

Restaurants sharing recipes, gym apps asking users to share their daily routine, even catering companies sharing ‘color by number cheese board’ drawing activities….creativity is the name of the game here. We all want to feel a sense of togetherness, and simply asking your followers how they’re doing, what they miss  or to share tips can go a long way.


During the Covid-19 crisis, health, safety and loved ones come first and after these aspects are assured, we, as marketers, sales and product people, can focus on how this pandemic is changing our Daily lives.

The situation is fluid, and surely consumer behavior will be evolving day by day.

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