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How a Right Digital Customer Experience Management Solution delivers better customer experience.

Updated: May 16, 2020

Posted by: Chance Griffin

Date: May 15th 2020

Understanding Digital Customer Experience:

Digital Customer Experience (DXP) can be well defined as the impression any visitor OR your customer gets when they interact with your organizations digital platform, which could be a web portal OR a mobile based application.

In the current age, where 94% of us make our buying decisions online - DXP can be considered as the single most important factor for any organization's success. Developing a thorough understanding about different kinds of customers and their needs provides a formidable competitive edge for any organization. A customer’s experience with a company comes from the sum total of all interactions before, during, and after purchase decisions. Most of those interactions are part of the buyer’s journey, which largely consists of digital touchpoints across multiple channels.


Understanding a Buyer's Journey:

Choosing a DXP solution: Best of the Breed integrated platform?

A best-of-breed vendor is not guaranteed to be the “best” at a particular application, neither is there a guarantee that this sort of vendor will keep the technology up-to-date with current trends. The right vendor for an integrated marketing platform will make sure that the platform keeps up with the requirements and desires of the customer base.

The integrated platform is often the best choice in terms of usability, whether the user is a marketer, a designer, or a solution implementer. The integrated platform is frequently best for ease of installation, lower maintenance costs, and a shorter learning curve for all capabilities.



Understanding Digital Customer Experience Management:

The reality for many companies is that adopting DXP strategies, along with an integrated DXP platform, is a matter of survival that can quickly become a distinct competitive edge. Organizations must focus on “customer first” for all functions, with a better understanding of what customers want, how they behave when buying products and services, and what they need from the company. Many Organizations have proven that working to improve customer experiences on every channel pays off with greater customer loyalty and advocacy, increased revenue, and actual cost savings for marketing and customer service. An integrated DXP platform brings value and ease of use by eliminating the purchasing of multiple applications and by streamlining training and usage by Marketing teams.

DXP—Reaping Real Benefits

  • Strategic approach to customer relationships, engagement, and marketing that will yield greater customer lifetime value

  • Driving force for sales and demand

  • Effective contribution to continuous revenue growth

  • New levels of customer and user engagement excellence

  • Brand loyalty expanded through positive experiences

  • Extended company reach across more digital channels

  • Cost reductions for managing digital engagement

  • Improved customer data integration and sharing across the enterprise



The Kentico Online Marketing Solution enables customers to deliver the ultimate customer experience—one that is consistent across all channels and devices and also brings deep and valuable insights into your customers and their journeys. As all tools are fully integrated, the Contact Management module is able to track and record the activities of every visitor (even anonymous ones) from all touchpoints to give you a 360-degree view of each, ready for use or export to your existing CRM. This means customers can easily manage a consistent experience of your brand across all channels, including web, mobile, email, social, and even offline.

The Contact Management module tracks and records website visitor activity from all touch-points.


Customers can filter their contacts to see details such as the marketing campaigns they engaged with, the activities they have performed, and how qualified they are as leads based on your own lead scoring rules. These insights can also be leveraged with the Marketing Automation feature to help you build highly efficient workflows that deliver a stream of customer interactions that heighten the customer

The Drag and Drop Marketing Automation Interface

The Personalization and Segmentation features allow you to split your customer base into groups of individuals that share the same value criteria, allowing you to target each of them more accurately with personalized content while widening your reach within each classification. Personas enable you to do this by scoring each visitor according to your own rules and assigning a pre-defined “persona” to them. By identifying the specific needs of your visitors, you can deliver an enhanced customer experience in real time, even popping up with a Live Chat window for direct communication and assistance delivery. Your webpage must adapt itself to the modern world. Kentico supports mobile readiness to make your webpage’s design and text responsive on any device on which it is being displayed, delivering a positive cross-device experience.


About ConeKtions:

ConeKtions is a technology services company with HQ in Orlando, FL and customers across Insurance, F&B, Retail, Manufacturing, Services and Manufacturing verticals

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