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Digital Commoditization - What are your Bets?

Of Course, 2020 taught us that Digital is no longer optional. But have you thought how much digital is good for your business?

Enterprise Organizations who once challenged the future of cloud citing privacy, placed their bets on emerging and established Cloud platforms to migrate their On-Prem workflows, operations to On-Cloud environments.

Microsoft in a statement said, 2020 enabled their customers to accelerate their DigTran Initiatives 3folds - Meaning, 3 Years worth of DigTran done within a couple of months to cater to the needs of a scattered workforce across organizations.

If you look from a Vendor's perspective - You will end up identifying at-least 1000 areas of modernization. We have put together a quick guide below to help you avoid digital commoditization:

A) Technology Department: There could be at least 100 areas to digitize, when you look up at things from a Software Vendors perspective. Here is your list of priority:

1) Tools promoting enhanced Cyber Security.

2) Tools promoting secured data and documents management to keep enterprise clean, secured and cost effective.

3) Tools promoting Single SignOn - To enable IT departments manage 100's of passwords remotely to ensure seamless remote staff management.

4) Tool promoting Enterprise Content Management - To enable departments transform paper into digital and carry out operations seamless and remotely.

B) Customer Facing Platforms: Still using Wordpress? Your competition may be using a CMS / Digital Experience Platform to provide better Customer Experience to your customers adding competition at a time, when a WebPortal / App has become a primary point of contact.

C) Supply Chain: Organizations empowered by Digital Supply Chain platforms, enabled to ensure seamless continuity of business operations in 2020. SAP Cloud Platform & Oracle Cloud are your best bets if you are an enterprise and you can choose a variety of SAAS Supply Chain Solutions customized to your operations, if you are a SME. Solutions empowering Touch less Driver and Delivery Operations, solutions providing remote access to warehouse management and analytics can your best bets.

D) Customer Support: This is a highly KPI driven area and 2020 posed a lot of challenges to almost all organizations running their Contact center operations, which used to operate in a housed vicinity, where one would put up a team of 30-40 associates managed in person for KPI's etc by a team manager. Customized digital tools can help you manage your scattered Contact center professionals by aligning them in a process and use of AI, AR can not be ignored at all.

E) Manufacturing: Worker safety in 2020 caught attention of everyone. Learning Management Systems promoting remote worker training, LMS tools promoting social distancing, compliance can be your best bets.

F) Human Resources: Emotional as well as Physical Well Being of Employees took a driver's seat in 2020. Scattered workforce posed challenges being it Layoff's, Furloughs, Paycheck reductions along with learning to adjust with new normal world of working and carrying out business virtually. HR tools promoting Best Customer Experience from recruitment to Onboarding, HR Management and reporting can be your best bets to cultivate a feeling of motivation amongst new joinees and existing staff.

G) Finance, Sales and Marketing: Platforms like Salesforce, SAP, Oracle and QuickBooks already enabled 99% of organizations to digitize these departments. Your best bets should be around tools ensuring personalized customer experience to enable adoption of new customers and retention of existing customers.

ConeKtionsCX is a SAP and Adobe Partner can help you design avenues to help you digitize your business processes. We can help you design your custom digital transformation journey which begins with a complimentary 30 mins discussion. Drop us a note with your interest at and we will do the rest.


About Author: Rahul Sethi is a veteran in the Digital Space with 15 years of experience in working with large to small businesses, empowering efficient business operations without breaking the bank.

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