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Deliver Customer Service During COVID19 : How to enhance your Digital and Self Service Capabilities

Author: Isha Gujral, President at ConeKtions

The Pandemic has made customer service teams face a large volume of incoming requests while contact centers have a limited capacity. Let's learn in the next few paragraphs, how organizations are embracing technology to help their customers during these times.

Key Challenges:

  • Organizations across the globe are trying all they can to keep their customer service and support operations running. A lot of them are experiencing huge volumes of customer requests, while their contact centers - both onsite and offshore are running at much reduced capacities.

  • Work from home agents - Is the new normal. However there are many organizations who are unable to let their agents work from home as either they did not digitally transform their processes OR they can not allow agents to work remotely due to data privacy and compliances.


Embrace Digital Technologies to provide Self Service platforms to your customers and employees:

1) Organizations should embrace technologies that promise to provide Self Service Individualized Customer Experience and a digital platform which can be accessed from any location.

2) Such Digital platforms become an interface to help customers / visitors obtain required information themselves and also enable employees and service agents to service the customers and visitors with ZERO physical contact and avoid long waiting times on the phone.

3) Platforms such as Kentico, Adobe and Sitecore - Help organizations to achieve their top Personalization and Individualization Goals and help organizations.

4) Technologies such as Kofax and UI Path enable organizations to automate their processes and help create self service digital platforms.

ConeKtions works with many organizations to understand their business goals and objectives and aligns technology platforms which help companies to deliver great customer experience on their digital portals.

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